Samantha Toweel-Moore

Our founder, Samantha Toweel-Moore, is passionate about sports and human advancement.

From a sports perspective she is a runner and a cyclist. She has successfully completed the Comrades Marathon (89ks) and the Amashova (106km) as well as the 94.7km Cycle Challenges.

As far as human advancement goes, Samantha is a Health Professional with Honour’s Degrees in Psychology and Occupational Therapy.

She has undertaken further studies in her special interest areas of trauma and drug recovery.

Samantha grew up with parents who used their skills to contribute to positive change. Her mother an Educator taught her that we must always learn and grow. Change. Before her eyes people coming into her father’s boxing club went from rough and lost to Champions. This instilled an unshakeable belief in her about the resilience of the human spirit. She learnt that no matter how dark and broken our past story or our current state is, we hold the power to choose and create a bright future.

Life throws left hooks, jabs, uppercuts. We have to learn how to bob and weave. Fight back. Learn from the punches and grow our champion within. A Champion doesn’t keep his skills to himself. The Toweel family have shown, they pass it on and grow future Champions.
Her father was still in the ring in his 70’s helping youngsters up. He obtained a Lifetime Contribution Award and raised many future World Champions.